Sunday, 20 September 2015

DT student and staff as a volunteer working @ craftroot exhibition.

Idt students and Staff with Mrs. Anar Patel (daughter of Cm Anandiben Patel) & mayor niranjan Zanzmera @ Craft root Exhibition Science Centre Surat. IDT student and staff as a volunteer working @ craftroot exhibition.

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IDT Surat Ganesh Mohtsav celebration

Monday, 14 September 2015

IDT ‎NewYorkFashionWeek‬

IDT, Institute of Design and Technology, Surat, along with presenting ‪#‎ArchanaKocher‬ , has surfaced with a unique perspective in the prestigious ‪#‎NewYorkFashionWeek‬, Sep 2015.
After joining its forces with Archana Kocher, internationally established ‪#‎FTLModa‬ and consulting firm Global Disability Inclusion, LLC, IDT has effectively showcased its collection with “Make in INDIA” fabric and an objective to increase the diversity and visibility of models with disabilities in the fashion industry.
The collection marks an immense hit featuring a fabric produced in India called “Ahimsa Silk” dipped in a stunning style of fashion with spark of brown and golden looks offered neat structured tailoring Archana’s signature fitted dresses.

“IDT is thrilled to get associated with dynamic Archana and moreover after our synergy for many Surat- Mumbai based shows, we are proud to participate with her in NewYork Fashion Week, Sep, 2015. We will definitely look forward to materialize such projects in future as well ” said IDT Director Anupam Goyal.
The presence of Indian produced fabric at an international runway will certainly promote it in Global market and ultimately encourages its production.
The Show was featured during NewYork Fashion Week held at ‪#‎VanderbiltHall‬ in Grand Central Terminal on Sunday, September 13 at 5 PM.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

IDT thrilled to promote MAKE IN INDIA campaign by participating in NEWYO...

IDT New York Fashion Week 13 sep 2015

t gives an immense pleasure to announce that IDT, Institute of Design and Technology, situated in textile city of India named Surat, Gujarat, has been selected to be a part of FTI Moda NEWYORK FASHION WEEK, September 2015.
IDT has marked its identity in providing quality education in the field of Fashion and Interior Designing. IDT aims in providing students, industries best curriculum for fashion & interior designing students which is a vivid compilation of Creative, Competitive, Changing and Challenging trends of industry.

Amidst huge number of entries of fashion designing institutes from all over India who desired to be a part of Newyork Fashion Week, IDT has proudly made its mark for the biggest fashion event at NEWYORK fashion week to represent itself along with presenting Archana Kochar’s  MAKE IN INDIA Campaign. 

A collection made from the non-violent fabric named Ahimsa Silk will be showcased in the Show. The whole motto of this project is to promote the Indian fabric enough in international market so as to raise the income of those engaged in its production.

Collaborating with Archana Kochar  with an objective to encourage few dying arts and crafts of India, IDT is thrilled to share a mission to promote MAKE IN INDIA campaign and also showcase the artistic, creative outlook of their designer students.
The designs are greatly appreciated by Honorable Chief minister of Gujarat, Anandiben Patel and she send her best wishes to represent India for such a noble cause. Along with, many renowned industries of Surat also give their wishes.

IDT been selected for such highly noted Fashionable event is just because of the amount of art its designing students exhibit. IDT is proud to maintain the high quality educational standards that it desired to in providing world class exposure for their students.


Anupam Goyal
Center director
Institute of Design and Technology