Saturday, 27 June 2015

IDT Fashionova 2015

IDT-Institute of Design Technology presents to you breath taking ultra stylish “FASHIONOVA 2015” . It’s been almost 5.5 yrs to IDT and in such short time span IDT has made its name so famous. IDT has conducted many social activities, campaigns, factory visits, fashion show for our senior citizens named “old is gold”, fashion show for kids named “Juvenile Jalwa” and so on, in which students activity participated and showcased their knowledge, creativity, designs in all the aspects respectively. These activities mesmerized everyone. IDT always encouraged faculties, staff members and everyone to fulfill their dreams, creativity and to grab such opportunities and make wonders out of it.

IDT presents to you “Fashionova 2015” for the first time with wide range of themes. Fashionova 2015 says, “make everyday ordinary into everyday extraordinary” which means there are more ordinary days in life then why not make them special by wearing cute and stylish outfits. It brings to you tempting quality with a mixture of trend and style.

The future designers are among us only. All we have to do is to choose the right path and channelize our high spirits with the best of facilities available. Every success is born of a dream which begins the dreamer. We bring to our students today’s world and they create their world of tomorrow.

Fashion is all about sensuality which can be seen in our creations. Fashionova presents to you themes like Take A Bow, Wine Shine, Girls Protection, Rajwara, Summer Affair, Disco Fever, Natures Beauty, Wooden with Mirror, Crystal fountain, Army, Walk with Dulhaniya, Stylized Denim with truck Art and Grey Diva's . Our collection is fusion of trendy western outfit with an elegant traditional ensemble. The ethnic attires symbolize the essence of purity and represent the rich tradition of India. So, we gonna mesmerize you all with our thrilling, innovative and artistic creations which will be remembered for its great beauty and charming look.

Sunday, 14 June 2015


IDT's recently held Exhibition and Competition BASE- 2015, witnessed  by the renowned architects and designers of Surat- Bankim Dave, Azaz Calcuttawala, Kunal Engineer, Kinjal Mehta, Akash Kinariwala, Prashanat Manani, Jay Bhagatwala, Abhijeet Pariyal – has showcased eclectic  pieces of residential as well as commercial interiors and greatly being appreciated. The students worked on theme decor, keeping in mind the occupation and family details of given client. 

 In the words of honorary Director VNSGU, Prof. R.D. Desai, chief guest of the exhibition, “Today, the designers are suggesting more energy efficiency methods, designs and technology for interior planning, both functionally and aesthetically in complete sense and i must say IDT students knowledge in this area is commendable.”
The commercial projects touched by IDT Senior students have focussed on new and inspired ground of Youth thinking. They are directed to design sustainable versions of banks, jewellery showrooms, Spa and Saloons, garment showrooms, designing institutes and Luxurious Rail Coach for future trains.

“IDT constantly aims to engage the young minds. It is a healthy competition that encourages enthusiasm in students through exchange of ideas. It showcases the work and projects of young budding interior designers”,