Thursday 29 April 2021

IDT Now also Virtual

IDT, Institute of Design and Technology, was established with a vision to enhance the skill set and provide direct employment opportunities to aspirants in Design fields through Industry oriented curriculum. With physical centers already established in some of the leading states of India, namely Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and Chhattisgarh, IDT is now heading towards a revolution in the Design education- becoming one of the first E-learning platforms to digitalise Fashion and Interior Design training. This platform is established with a vision to expand the horizons of learning beyond the geographical boundaries and make quality education accessible to all. 

Through this virtual platform, IDT is aiming to bring expert-taught courses to anyone and everyone, which would have been physically and practically impossible otherwise. LIVE classes will ensure an interactive learning experience for enrolls, with on the spot query solving and discussion forums for further assistance. 

IDT Virtual is the first e-learning platform in India with a specific focus on Design education. IDT has been providing world class education for the past 10 years to aspirants in the field of fashion and interior design. And now this digitization in their specific niche can mean great things for the stakeholders of this industry. 

From design aspirants to industry professionals, there is something for everyone. Through regularly updated courses and workshops, keeping in mind the demands of the industry, IDT provides an opportunity for even experts to upgrade their skills.

Friday 19 March 2021


Fashionova integrates all the processes under one roof- from designing to manufacturing and packaging. The center provides a strong platform wherein the textile unit will get the opportunity to connect with the young & creative mind to develop the series of activities involved in the manufacturing process of Apparel Business.

Fashionova fulfills, on a large scale, all business needs ranging from co-working space, supply of technicians, expert advises to cognitive workshops and exposure to the industry. Our major focus is on promoting creativity and providing market assistance to sell the creative design and gain profitability. The center has brought standardization and higher efficiency through technological innovations paving a path for Surat City as a ‘Garment Hub’ at national and international level. This would reduce dependency on adjacent markets for development of the garment Industry as a whole and create employment opportunities for the talented pool of the fashion industry.

The design and development center has the advantage of being the first mover and the only one in the city of Surat and Gujarat. Being the first incubation center, it provides a unique platform for the fashion designers and garment manufacturers to share and avail each other’s services all at one place. As Surat Textile Industry is known for producing approximately 30 million meters of rough fabric and 25 million meters of processed fabric on a daily basis, there is tremendous potential to convert the fabric into fashion and a great demand for new designs. 

By integrating all the processes of garment manufacturing, Fashionova offers the advantage of producing garments at the lowest cost with latest designs.

Although established just months ahead of the spread of COVID 19, the firm got National Level Recognition for designing innovative world’s first ever PPE kits that can be worn on saree. The flair for innovation and creativity led to designing of a unique PPE kit called ‘Covid Nari Kavach’ which was specifically designed for health professionals wearing saree. We contributed by producing 5000 kits on a daily basis which was a big support to health workers nationally.

The efforts of the Lockdown creations - Covid Nari Kavach & Garba PPE Kit were highly appreciated by Hon Textile Minister Smriti Irani during the launch of Surat Biggest Textile Expo Sitex 2021. The creativity of the firm’s innovative spirit got appreciation from the Prime minister of India Shri Narendra Modi in his radio address “Mann ki Baat”(straight from the heart). The enterprise had even received the Startup recognition from the Government of India.

Fashionova Design and Development Center aims at working at the grassroots level to provide a 360-degree support system to the young upcoming designers as well as garment manufacturers of Surat. Our ultimate goal is to help bridge the gap and take India’s most creative minds across borders and make them believe that the world is their runway.

Monday 1 March 2021

Pixo Academy - Photography Gurukul in Surat

 Pixo Academy- Photography Gurukul in Surat

IDT and Pixocity come together for a new venture- Pixo Academy, offering a 7 day Residential photography course in Surat. This program is based on the concept of "Gurukul" where students stay together and master the skills comprehensively along with a focus on their overall development as professional photographers. The course is designed in a way to train and specialize the students in all the various kind of photography, familiarize them with all the techniques and tricks of the trade and make them masters in this field.

With a highly accomplished faculty staff of Mr Sanjay Prajapati,Mrs. Juhi Goyal Gupta (Qualified photographer from London) and Mr. Raj Desai, Pixo Academy is undoubtedly set for success. In its first batch, students joined from several parts of the country like Rajasthan,  Pune, Maharashtra, Karnataka, etc.

Pixocity is the sole location in Surat where numerous pre-wedding shoots as well as film shoots take place. Therefore, it provides the perfect ambiance and setup for a photography course.

For the past 10 years, IDT has been contributing greatly to the Education and Skill Development sector of Surat through career-oriented training in Fashion and Interior Designing. 

And now, this combined effort from the two of them can reinvent Photography as an innovative career option in India, as well as develop it as a fundamental skill in the 21st century individuals.

Through such continuous efforts, Surat is rapidly getting ahead in the race of becoming a national skill and career development hub.

Saturday 9 January 2021

Hon Textile Minister Smriti Irani appreciates IDT

Hon Textile Minister Smriti Irani appreciates IDT Students' Lockdown creations - "Covid Nari Kavach" and "Garba PPE Kit" during the launch of Surat Biggest Textile Expo Sitex 2021

Tuesday 28 July 2020


‘Beelang’ is the name of her brand and she started it by doing a exhibition in 2017, 
And now she own a boutique which is about to turn 1 this November 2020.

Beelang’ Always focus on basic things like finishing fitting and comfort With creative designing Which is not so common to find these days. They have pro karigars for Handwork as well. And well experienced master ji to serve customers their wished designs.

She have been working in textile since 4 years and still doing job with taking care of a boutique and it really helped her to On knowing what is going on in market as well. 

Saturday 27 June 2020

"Success Story - Event Management"

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